A 24ookm solo kayak expedition.

Breaking free from depression.

Follow my Journey.  Start your own.

The Murray River expedition.

Raising awareness for mental health.

2409 kilometre, 107 day, solo kayak expedition.

Unassisted and no support crew

A very special message

I believe this video is incredibly powerful. 

I also think it's very important to understand how this was produced.  It was completely unscripted.  In fact, I was not aware that Ash and Rohan were creating this video.  

They both spent countless hours with me, taking still pictures, video and drone footage along with hours of interview recordings.

They compiled these words to capture the very essence of why I am taking on this journey.

I thank and congratulate them on producing such an important message which has now been viewed more than 6000 times!


My facebook page is a powerful tool to reach people, to let people know its ok to talk about depression.  The more people I can reach, the more conversations can start.  Make you sure you like and share my page.Part of my goal for this expedition is to reach as many people as possible with the message to 'start talking'.  I'm passionate about encouraging people to talk about depression.  Not create awareness, but to actually start the conversation. Make sure you like and share my page.